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Gold Leaves From
a Roman Laureate Military Crown

L. B. Rothchilde offers authentic treasures from the past.  Our inventory has come from museums, trusted relic hunters and passionate collectors for more than 40 years.  Every item comes with a guarantee of authenticity and whenever possible, the story of the piece giving it undisputed provenance, which adds considerably to its value.

Our inventory begins with selected items from Prehistory, fossils that are millions of years old and stone axes and tools made and used by prehistoric man.

Egyptian and Roman artifacts have been purchased from museum collections.  

The Pre-Columbian artifacts are from Mexico and Peru dating from the 1700's.  Many came from the Brooklyn Museum in New York and others are from the E. L. Borenstein Collection (collected prior to 1972).

The American West  collection is from the 19th century, with the exception of some American Indian pottery pieces dating to the 14th century.  Several of the  artifacts are from Yale University and private collections such as the Brodst Collection of Redding, Pennsylvania.

The American Civil War Collection is the largest with over 1000 pieces.  Within these spectacular early recovered relics you will find several rare and unusual militaria, one of a kind items that you won't ever see anywhere else.  

The Baseball collection is packed with hard to find cards, signed baseballs and autographed pictures, programs and souvenirs from several World Series.  Most of the baseball collection is New York Yankee memorabilia.

The Toy Collection is from the 1950s, some from the early 1960s.  Trucks, cars, American Flyer trains, lots of toys, and some of them are in their original boxes.

The Tool Collection is comprised of my great grandfathers tool chest.  He was a mechanic for Wright Aircraft during the 1920s. 


1913 National Geographic From A Set 1913-1991

The Miscellaneous Collection has antiques that don't fit into any of the other categories  There are old  watches, clocks, brass candleholders and well, including several rare and unique pieces!  There are dozens of old pewter ice cream molds from the Victorian era through the 1920s depicting animals, fruit, birds, people and holiday molds.  There is also a set of National Geographics beginning in 1913 that is near complete through the 1980s.

The Coin Collection has all the United States key coins of the 20th century including dozens of uncirculated Mercury dimes, complete sets of Mercury dimes, Jefferson nickels and Lincoln cents, Washington quarters and Roosevelt dimes. There are also dozens of rolled coins.

The Stamp Collection is mostly mint United Nations stamps from 1951 through 1981 and mint condition German stamps pre 1944 during the Nazi occupation.

We accept all major credit cards and several currencies through PayPal.  No other payment methods are accepted for online purchases at any time.  We will insure your purchase and ship it via USPS Priority mail as soon as your payment clears.  You must be at the shipping address you provide to accept the delivery.  

Any item may be returned within 5 days of your receipt of your purchase in the unlikely event you do not feel it had been accurately described at the time of the sale.  However, once you hold a piece of the past in your hands, we are sure your expectations will be exceeded.

Inexperienced buyers can now purchase relics that  are authentic and certified as genuine. This shift in emphasis from collecting to investing has created a demand for relics and assures that our past will be preserved.

"If relics could speak, what wonderful tales they would tell."

L. B. Rothchilde


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