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Authentic Historical Reproductions,
Old Fashioned Candy & Books

Historic Views Of Gettysburg

Vintage Historic Views Of Gettysburg book. Measures closed 12-1/8" x 9". Softcover. Published by Jennie Wade Museum, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Text by Robert C. Miller. 48 Pages. 55 Illustrations in half-tone of all the important views and historical places on the Gettysburg Battlefield. Cover is lightly soiled and is loose form the binding. All pages are intact and clean.


Gettysburg, The Pictures and the Story, 1913

Gettysburg, The Pictures and the Story, copyright 1913, revised edition. The cover shows its age but not in bad condiotion. The inner pages are fine. Published by Tipton and Blocher , This booklet is in good condition. The booklet measures about 12" x 9"and has 68 pages.


This is a Civil War era homemade book of almanac's and other publications that is bound (hand sewn) in a homemade cover of wallpaper and cloth. Inside the front cover written in pencil reads "The girl I love is" 

This book contains the following: 
- The Tribune Almanac 1858, H. Greeley & Company, NY.
- The Tribune Almanac 1862, The Tribune Assoc. NY. 
- Hostetter's Calendar 1867 (written in German) Pittsburgh, Pa. 
- Drake's American Recipe Book 1867 (valuable cooking and other recipes) P. H. Drake & Co. NY. 
- People's Illustrated Almanac, 1849, Clapp & Townsend NY. 
- Important Cures, Sands Sarsaparilla, A. B. & D. Sands, NY Sold by G. F. Fischer, for Frederick City, Md. and Vicinity (looks like blood stains on about 5 pages) 
- The Tribune Almanac 1868, The Tribune Assoc. NY.


Women Of The War