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"The Sharpshooter"
Winslow Homer

The American Civil War
Rifle, Accessory & Gettysburg Bullet Collection


During the Civil War over 1,000 different types of bullets were used for rifles and pistols.  The "minié" ball, a lead, hollow based bullet was the standard infantry bullet of the Civil War.

The rifle and minié bullet together changed the face of warfare forever. For the first time in history, infantrymen could aim their weapons at a target a fair distance away and actually have a chance of hitting it.

When the battle lines were drawn up, the ammunition supplier would "drop" large quantities of these bullet heads in front of the shooters, so that they could be picked up and rolled as needed. These bullets known as "miniés" were made to fit nearly 400 different types of guns and were accurate to about 1,000 feet.

During the Civil War over half a million soldiers were wounded in combat, a staggering one third of the soldiers in both armies. Two hundred thousand others had been killed fighting in the four years of the war. Ninety percent of the soldiers killed on the fields of battle owed their fate to the rifle and the minié bullet.

On May 12, 1864, the fighting was so severe in the Battle of Spotsylvania, the barrage of minie balls severed an oak tree that was almost two feet in diameter.  The stump was moved to the Smithsonian in 1888 and is on display today as shown in the photograph below.

All Civil War relics on this site we sell are genuine and meet our fastidious criteria for authenticity. They are accurately described here and are sold as such. Every relic is accompanied by a sealed Certificate Of Authenticity and is guaranteed for life to be genuine. 

Of course, if you want to haggle the old fashioned way with us about the price of any item, feel free to e-mail us with your best offer! Just because you are purchasing online, does not mean Rothchilde Antiques doesn't listen to you!  Some relic prices are firm, however, all your offers are carefully considered. Contact us anytime should you need more information about any of the relics shown, we truly enjoy hearing from you!  Please note that prices are subject to change to be competitive with the current market price.  Civil War bullets are becoming more rare every day, especially for hard to locate bullets and cartridges.  It is advised that you contact us prior to making your purchase to verify availability and price.

***If you purchase more than one item, the shipping costs are drastically reduced.  The shipping costs are for one item on site, we do combine shipping costs for your other items when your order is submitted.  Please contact us prior to making a purchase just in case the item is no longer part of our inventory.

 Bullets On This Page Come With:

  • A Letter Of Provenance

  • A Sealed & Signed Certificate Of Authenticity

  • When Applicable Bullets On This Page Come With:

  • A Map Of The Recovery Area

  • Recovery Area Photographs Taken Shortly After The Battle



The bullets and accessories below all tell a story.  Of particular interest are the wormed bullets and Spencer Carbine Cartridges recovered on Little Round Top, the possibility of them being used by the 20th Maine is one of several spectacular scenarios of these bullets.  The wormed bullets were removed from a rifle/musket by a soldier.  The bullet got stuck in the barrel, he used a bullet worm tool to remove it.

The high impact bullets are prized not only for their outstanding, unique characteristics but also for the area of their recovery.  One can only imagine what they hit to cause their mangled condition.  You can see on a topographical map the rock formations and trees and maybe they hit those, maybe they struck a stone wall or piece of artillery.  Maybe they hit a horse or human.

Collecting these famous bullets is fascinating.  Regardless of their recovery location or type, rare or common, each bullet has the history of actually being manufactured for or used in civil war battles.


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This is a dug 1863 Springfield rifle recovered from the Battle of The Wilderness area, near Spotsylvania, named as such because of the thick woods and underbrush preventing either army from clearly seeing the other.  The Battle of The Wilderness was in 1864, May 5th through May 7th.  163,000 soldiers were engaged in the battle.  There were 29,800 casualties in those three days, some of the soldiers were trapped in the woods that caught on fire from the intense shelling and gunfire.

This '63 Springfield has all the original metal parts, although pitted and rusted over time, there are the 3 rings, the butt plate, trigger assembly, firing pin, ramrod, etc., it's totally complete, with the exception of the wood which has disintegrated over time, the metal parts are all that remain.  The barrel is rusted and is slightly bent,  perhaps from the fire, it is in a half cocked position, it is truly frozen in time.  The bayonet was dug separately. This genuine Civil War rifle display and it's story will be the showcase of any collection.



Recovery Location Key
PC-Picket's Charge, DD - Devil's Den, RT- Little Round Top, PO - Peach Orchard, RR - Railroad Cut, Culp - Culp's Hill, WH - The Wheatfield, SS - Spangler's Spring, CF - Codori Farm - Spanglers Spring

The Images Below Are Not Actual Size






Archive Number


B1a Combination Tool, Dug PC Gettysburg Museum GB296-88 $165.50
B275a Carved pencil from .54 cal minie N/A The Horse Soldier GB708-1 $149.50
B2a Cap Box, Braun & Bloem N/A Museum GB168 $147.50


B3a Caps, Dug PC WALL Gettysburg GBPBC1 $127.50
B4a Percussion Caps N/A Museum GB172 $247.50
B5a Maynard Tape Primers N/A Museum GB174 $217.50
B6a Musket Hammer, Dug Cemetery Ridge Gettysburg Museum GB295-88 $495.50
B7a Trigger Pickets Charge Dug, Codori Farm PC Gettysburg Codori GB404-92 $795.50
B8 a Bullet In Wood Culp Gettysburg GBV1 $345.00
B9a Bullet In Wood Culp Gettysburg GBV2 $425.00
B10a .58 cal. Paper Cartridge N/A Museum GB275 $445.00
B11a Battle Bullet Collision PC Gettysburg Museum GB328-90 $545.00
B12a 45-70 cal. Cartridge N/A Bennett 31 $345.00
B13a   .69 cal PC Gettysburg GB313-88 $145.00
B14a Adams Revolver Bullet .44 cal. RR Gettysburg  


B15 Bullet ----- Antietam GB264 $135.00
B16a Ballard Cartridge N/A Gettysburg GB169 $235.00


Barthalow Bullet .44 cal. N/A Gettysburg   $185.00
B18a Belgian Musket Bullet .69 cal. N/A Bull Run 2 GB262 $145.00

    RARE Billinghurst Requa Volley Gun .56 cal Cartridge N/A Museum GB185 $425.00
B20a Burnside .54 cal. Cartridge N/A Museum GB149 $175.00
B21a Colt Pistol Bullet .36 cal. N/A Gettysburg   $129.00
B22a Colt Pistol .44 cal. Bullet PC Gettysburg GB310-88 $96.00
B25a Colt Dragoon .44 RR Gettysburg  


B26a Colt Revolving Rifle Bullet RR Gettysburg   $125.00
B27a Confederate Bullet RR Gettysburg GB270 $125.00
B28a   Confederate Bullet DD Gettysburg GB305-88 $125.00
B29 a Confederate Gardner Bullet .58 cal. DD Gettysburg GB302-88 $132.75
B30a Enfield .57 cal. Bullet DD Gettysburg  


B31a Enfield Rifle .57 cal. PC Gettysburg GB306 $128.50
B32a Enfield Rifle Bullet .58 WH Gettysburg   $125.00
B33a Enfield Rifle Bullet .58 cal. WH Gettysburg GB258 $125.00
B47a Gallagher Paper Cartridge N/A N/A 173 $175.00
B48a Gallagher Carbine Bullet   Gettysburg   $129.50
B49a Gardner Explosive Bullet


  Gettysburg GB355-91 $325.00
B50a Confederate Gardner .58 cal. Bullet CULP Gettysburg GB833B $134.50
B51a Confederate Gardner Insert .58 cal. Bullet   Gettysburg GB265 $134.50
B52a   Italian Carcano Bullet     GB321-90 $155.00
B53a   Italian Carcano Bullet   Gettysburg   $155.00
B54a Macon Arsenal Cartridge (dug)   Gettysburg   $198.00
B55a Maynard Cartridge   Gettysburg GB170 $225.00
B56a Maynard Carbine Bullet .52 cal.   Gettysburg   $155.00
B57 Merrill Carbine Bullet .54   Gettysburg GB323-90 $134.50
B58a Merrill Carbine   Gettysburg   $134.50
B59a   Minie Ball High Impact   Antietam Sharpsburg Museum ANT1 $110.00
B60a   Musket Ball .44 cal.   Gettysburg  
B61a   Musket Ball .69 cal.   Gettysburg   $127.50
B62 a Musket Ball PC Gettysburg GB303 $132.00
B63 a Musket Ball RT Gettysburg GB303 $132.00
B64a   Musket Ball   Gettysburg  
B65  a Musket Ball   Gettysburg
B66 a Musket Ball Pain/Chewed   Gettysburg   $177.50
B67 a Pain/Chewed Bullet Cemetery Ridge Gettysburg   $157.50
B68 a Pennsylvania Reserve Bullet   Gettysburg GB257 $167.50
B69a   Pickett Country Rifle Bullet       $145.00
B70a   Pistol Bullet .31 cal. SS     $110.00
B71a   Pistol Bullet SS   GB259 $110.00
B72a   Minie Bullet SS   GB268


B73a   Savage Revolver Bullet SS     $122.50
B74a Selma Arsenal .52 cal. PC Gettysburg   $134.50
B75a Shaler 3 Stage Bullet N/A N/A GB320-90 $265.50
B76a Sharps .36 cal. skin for Navy Pistol, Hartford N/A N/A GB183 $250.00
B77a Sharps Linen Cartridge N/A N/A GB166 $275.00
B78 a Sharps Bullet SS Gettysburg GBR101 $128.50
B79 a Sharps Bullet SS Gettysburg GBR102 $128.50
B80a Sharps PC (12 pcs) Gettysburg GB520 $128.50
B81a   Sharps Carbine Cartridge  .52 cal. Coned Based SS (8 pcs)   GB171 $128.50
B82a Gettysburg Sharps 52 PC (12 pcs) Gettysburg GB522 $128.50
B82a Sharps Carbine Bullet .52 cal. Coned Based P0 Gettysburg GB266


B82b Sharps Coned Based DD (6 pcs) Gettysburg GB266   $128.50
B82c Sharps Carbine Bullet .52 cal. Coned Based WH (5 pcs) Gettysburg GB266 $128.50
B83a Sharps.58 cal. PC Gettysburg GB312-88 $158.50
B84a   Sharps Ringtail Bullet .52 cal. PC Gettysburg   $132.50
B85a   Sharps Ringtail SS    


B86a CS Ringtail PC Gettysburg   $132.50
B86aa   CS Ringtail PC     $128.50
B86ba   CS Ringtail WF     $128.50
B87a   Shotgun .66 cal. Bullet PC   GB322-90 $138.00
B88a Smith Carbine Bullet PC Gettysburg GB267 $128.50
B89a   Smith Carbine Bullet DD     $128.50
B97a Spencer Carbine Cartridge CULP Gettysburg   $128.50
B98a Spencer Carbine Cartridge    Gettysburg   $128.50
B99a Spencer .56-.56 cal. Cartridge CULP Gettysburg GB184 $128.50
B100a   Springfield Bullet .58 cal. PC Gettysburg   $128.50
B101a Starr Carbine Bullet .52 cal. DD Gettysburg   $148.50
B102a   Starr Insert Bullet DD Gettysburg 2GB69 $126.50
B103b-fa   Union Bullet, Wormed (6) RT Gettysburg GB405b-95 $128.50
B104a Union Bullet .54 cal. LRT Gettysburg GB311-88 $128.50
B105a Union Bullet .58 cal. High Impact DD Gettysburg GB297-88  $127.50
B106a Union Bullet .58 cal. High Impact DD Gettysburg GB299-88 $142.50
B107a Union Bullet .58 cal. High Impact RR Gettysburg GB300-88 $134.50
B108a Union Bullet .58 cal. High Impact WH Gettysburg GB298-88 $134.50
B109a Union Bullet .58 cal. PC Gettysburg GB301-88 $127.50
B243a Union Bullet .58 cal. PC Gettysburg   $127.50
B110a US .58 cal. 3 Ring RT Gettysburg

GB522 Series

B111a   Watervliet Arsenal .44 cal. RT Gettysburg   $127.50
B112a Whitney Revolver RT Gettysburg   $127.50
B113a Williams Cleaner Bullet Type I RT Gettysburg GB167 $124.50
B114a   RT Williams Cleaner Bullet Type II GB167 Gettysburg   $124.50
B115a Williams Cleaner Bullet Type III PC Gettysburg   $132.50
B116a Williams Cleaner Bullet Type III WH Gettysburg  


B117a Williams Cleaner Bullet Type III N/A Gettysburg GBPBB2 $124.50
B118a Williams Cleaner .58 cal.  Bullet Type III N/A Gettysburg GB304-88 $132.50
B119a High Impact PC Gettysburg GB8 $128.50
B120a High Impact Exploded   Gettysburg GB9 $127.50
B121a High Impact PC Gettysburg GB10 $128.50
B122a Minie PC Gettysburg GB1 $128.50
B123a Minie WH Gettysburg GB2 $127.50
B124a Exploded PO Gettysburg GB3 $148.00
B125a Impact Cleaner PO Gettysburg GB4 $128.50
B126  a EXPLODED PC Gettysburg GB5 $156.50
B127a Wormed Musket Ball RT Gettysburg GB6 $122.50
B128a Minie PO Gettysburg GB7


B129 see below as B145A High Impact PC Gettysburg GBPBB19  
B130a High Impact Pistol PO Gettysburg GBPBB3 $134.50
B65a Musket Ball PC Gettysburg GBPBB1
B131a Cleaner Impact PO Gettysburg GBPBB2


B132a Side High Impact PO Gettysburg GBPBB5


B132aa Shotgun/Pistol Collision??? PC Gettysburg GBPBB4 $127.50
B133a   Buck/Ball PO Gettysburg GBPBB6 $118.50
B134a   Buck & Ball DO Gettysburg GBPBB6 $127.50
B135a Side Impact DD Gettysburg GBPBB8 $136.50
B136a   High Impact RR Gettysburg GBPBB9 $128.50
B137a Exploded Bullet N/A Gettysburg GBPBB10 $148.50
B138a Exploded Bullet N/A Gettysburg GBPBB11 $148.50
B139a   Exploded Bullet N/A Gettysburg GBPBB12
B140a Pistol Bullet WH Gettysburg GBPBB13 $115.50
B141a Sharps WH Gettysburg GBPBB14 $127.50
B142a Rifle Bullet PC Gettysburg GBPBB15 $132.50
B143a Bullet, Wormed RT Gettysburg GBPBB16 $127.50
B144a Bullet RR Gettysburg GBPBB17 $127.50
B145a Bullet RR Gettysburg GBPBB18 $127.50
B145Aa High Impact PCW Gettysburg GBPBB19 $128.50

Sharps Bullet

PC Gettysburg GBRB1 $127.50
B167a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB2 $127.50
B168a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB3 $127.50
B169a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB4 $127.50
B170a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB5 $127.50
B171a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB6 $127.50
B172a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB7 $127.50
B173a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB8 $127.50
B174a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB9 $127.50
B175a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB10  $126.50
B176a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB11 $127.50
B177a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB12 $127.50
B178a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB13 $126.50
B179a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB14 $126.50
B180a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB15 $127.50
B191a Sharps Bullet PC Gettysburg GBRB16 $127.50
B193a High Impact RR Gettysburg GBRB18 $139.50
B194a High Impact DD Gettysburg GBRB19 $127.50
B195a Pistol - High Impact PC Gettysburg GBRB20 $128.50
B196a High Impact PCW Gettysburg GBRB21 $139.50


High Impact PCW Gettysburg GBRB22 $139.50



High Impact DD Gettysburg GBRB23 $139.50
B199a High Impact PCW Gettysburg GBRB24 $127.50
B200a Ramrodded Minie RT Gettysburg GBRB25 $139.50
B201a High Impact PC Gettysburg GBRB26 $139.50
B202   Pickett's Charge Wall High Impact PCW Gettysburg RB27 $139.50
B203  a Ramrodded Minie RT Gettysburg GBRB28 $139.50
B204a High Impact CF Gettysburg GBRB29 $139.50
B205  a High Impact RT Gettysburg GBRB30 $139.50
B206a High Impact RR Gettysburg GBRB31 $128.50
B207a High Impact RT Gettysburg GBRB32 $139.50
B208a High Impact Mushroom DD Gettysburg GBRB33 $139.50
B210a High Impact LRT Gettysburg GBRB35 $139.50
B211a   High Impact RT Gettysburg RB36 $139.50
B212a High Impact PCW Gettysburg GBRB37 $139.50
B213a High Impact RT Gettysburg GBRB38  $139.50
B214a High Impact PCW Gettysburg GBRB39 $139.50
B216a   High Impact WH Gettysburg GBRB41 $139.50
B217a High Impact WH Gettysburg GBRB42 $139.50
B219a High Impact DD Gettysburg GBRB44 $128.50
B220a High Impact WH Gettysburg GBRB45 $139.50
B221a High Impact PC Gettysburg GBRB46 $139.50
B222  a High Impact PCW Gettysburg GBRB47  $139.50
B223a High Impact PCW Gettysburg GBRB48 $139.50
B224a High Impact DD Gettysburg GBRB49 $128.50
B225a High Impact DD Gettysburg GBRB50 $128.50
B226a High Impact Enfield RR Gettysburg GBRB51 $139.50
B227a High Impact RR Gettysburg GBRB52 $139.50
B228a Base Impact DD Gettysburg GBRB53 $139.50
B229a High Impact PCW Gettysburg GBRB54 $139.50
B230a High Impact PO Gettysburg GBRB55  $139.50
B231a Side Impact PO Gettysburg GBRB56 $139.50
B232a Side Impact PO Gettysburg GBRB57 $139.50
B233a Side Impact PO Gettysburg GBRB58 $139.50
B234a Side Impact DD Gettysburg GBRB59 $139.50
B235a Side Impact PO Gettysburg GBRB60 $139.50
B236a Side Impact PCW Gettysburg GBRB61 $139.50
B237a Side Impact PO Gettysburg GBRB62 $139.50
B238a Side Impact PO Gettysburg GBRB63


B239a Side Impact PO Gettysburg GBRB64  $139.50
B240a Base Impact RR Gettysburg GBRB65 $139.50