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Bonds & Currency Of
The American Civil War

There were ten different denominations and seven different issues of Confederate currency between 1861 and 1864 - and now you can possess these real pieces of Southern history! Each measures approximately 4"x 2" and arrives in circulated condition.

The $100 1862 "Train" Note was issued in 1862 under the Confederate States of America during the Civil War and is an authentic piece of U.S. history. It features a beautiful vignette of a steam train on the front and is among the most popular of all CSA currency. Most of these notes were destroyed after the war so today they are highly sough-after collectibles.  This note comes in circulated condition and measures 7"x 3."

The Civil War tokens are non-government, privately issued quasi-money tokens. During the war, there were more than 8,500 different tokens issued by approximately 1,500 merchants from 22 different states, so each token you order will no doubt be different from the last. They are all in circulated condition.

The South desperately needed additional funds in 1864, so bonds were sold to fund the war effort. Attached to each bond, for the redemption of interest, were coupons such as these. This set of three ($3, $15, and $30 denominations) was printed by Archer & Co. of Richmond, Virginia; is individually hand numbered and denominated; and includes the printed signature of R.O. Tyler (son of the 10th President of the USA, John Tyler). Approximately 3"x 1-1/2" in circulated condition.

When war erupted in 1861, the coin mints in the South - which operated with personnel and supplies from the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia - were unable to continue striking silver dollars. Not to be deterred, the South instead relied on Mexican-struck 8 Reales "silver dollars" for use in commerce and trade. Following the Civil War, thousands of these large silver pieces were melted for their precious metal and ironically enough, used to make U.S. Silver dollars! This 90% silver 8 Reales - dated between 1858 and 1864 - comes in general circulated condition and measures an impressive 38mm.

The Western & Atlantic was a prominent Southern railroad that played a crucial role during the Civil War.

This 1860s currency note was money printed by the railroad for use as payment for its services. It features a 4-4-0 steam train and is hand-signed by the railroad's Treasurer and Superintendent. Also included is a postcard and a story card about The General, the W&A steamer that took part in the infamous 1862 Andrews Raid. Note comes in Extremely Fine or better condition and measures 4"x 2".

Click the image for a larger picture and more information and pricing.  All currency below is genuine unless otherwise noted as being a replica or a reproduction.

$1 Confederate Note

$2 Confederate Note

$5 Confederate Note

$10 Confederate Note

$20 Confederate Note

$100 Confederate Note

$500 Confederate Note

1862 CSA "Train" Note

50-cent Confederate Note

Civil War Tokens

The Silver Dollar of the South

Western & Atlantic Currency Note