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Gettysburg is home to the most famous Civil War battlefield.  The battle of Gettysburg occurred over a three day period, July 1, 2 and 3, 1863.  Thousands of soldiers lay dead, thousands were missing, thousands were wounded.  The battle took place on the outskirts of the town in dozens of locations, each unique and marked by different terrain, each playing a significant role in the fight to preserve the Union.  Gettysburg was the furthest North Lee would ever lead his Confederate Army, they were driven back for the final time during the battle of Pickett's Charge.

Right after the battle, Gettysburg was swarmed by relic hunters and tourists who scavenged the site for souvenirs of the epic battle.  Those souvenirs were later found in museums or were made into mementos for visitors and veterans from Gettysburg who wanted to take home a genuine piece of history.  GAR reunions took place, reunion encampments were held and the vets gathered in cities all over the country.  Special battlefield souvenirs were made for them.  L. B. Rothchilde offers some of the rarest, vintage Gettysburg battlefield souvenirs ever crafted.


A veteran sits and reflects at the High Water Mark in Gettysburg.  This is the view south to Round Top, Stereoview #82 (5561) by Underwood



Tipton's Gettysburg Battlefield Views, 1914 as sold from the bookstore of William McCullough in Gettysburg as seen below inside the back cover of the book with his store stamp.



1900's Receipt W. H. Tipton

The Battlefield Photographer
No. 3 Main Street
Gettysburg, PA

Receipt is for $100.00 for photographs to be delivered from a negative in 15 days. Received for L. M. Vaughn.


Historic Views Of Gettysburg

Vintage Historic Views Of Gettysburg book. Measures closed 12-1/8" x 9". Softcover. Published by Jennie Wade Museum, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Text by Robert C. Miller. 48 Pages. 55 Illustrations in half-tone of all the important views and historical places on the Gettysburg Battlefield. Cover is lightly soiled and is loose form the binding. All pages are intact and clean.



Gettysburg, The Pictures and the Story, 1913

Gettysburg, The Pictures and the Story, copyright 1913, revised edition. The cover shows its age but not in bad condition. The inner pages are fine. Published by Tipton and Blocher , This booklet is in good condition. The booklet measures about 12" x 9"and has 68 pages.



Here we have a little publication, actually a circa 1920's tourist hand out booklet featuring Historic Gettysburg, the town, the battlefield and the surrounding county-facts and figures. It was given out compliments of the citizens of Adams County through the Gettysburg Chamber of Commerce, with George Hartman being the secretary at the time this booklet was printed and his name could precisely date it. Size is approx., 3 1/2 " x 6", 16 Inside Pages, with an inside map.  Condition of this book appears to be near excellent, no issues, well preserved. The pages are all present and intact, clean with very light age yellowing, no stains, no tears. All the photos are present.





50th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg Commemorative Plate


"Gettysburg, What They Did Here." The last few pages and back cover are missing. The interior map is torn and the front cover is detached and pieces are missing. It is a very informative book about the battle and gives detailed information about monuments on the battlefield, units that saw action, and other pertinent information. The condition of the book however is poor to fair but still a valuable insight into the battle. 






This Gettysburg souvenir is a creamer imported from Germany.  This type of souvenir was manufactured in the early 1900's and was a favorite of the veterans.  It is royal blue with gold trim and measures 4" tall.  This creamer features the Pennsylvania Monument.





This Gettysburg souvenir is a creamer imported from Germany.  This type of souvenir was manufactured in the early 1900's and was a favorite of the veterans.  It is royal blue with gold trim and measures 4" tall.  This creamer features the High Water Mark.



C.A. Blocher was a jeweler in Gettysburg.  He crafted Gettysburg souvenirs from various battlefield recoveries, primarily found bullets which he made into stanhopes as those shown below.  This is his advertising card, showing on one side the Soldiers' Monument in the National Cemetery, advertising the cost of the book "With Pen and Camera on the Field of Gettysburg In War and Peace" for 75 cents, reduced to 50 cents at his store, C. A. Blocher Centre Square Jeweler.  On the back side it advertises his Battlefield Souvenir Spoons, Mechanical Bullet Pens and Novelties.   The card is 5-1/2" by 3-1/8", it dates to the late 1800s to the early 1900s.


Gettysburg Stanhope Bullet


Gettysburg Stanhope Bullet


5 Available


 Gettysburg Gun Mechanical Pencils

2 Available
$35.00 each


Lincoln Pennys

6" Wide

2 Available



Celluloid Tape Measure


Gettysburg Metal Book


Jenny Wade Paperweight

Paperweight made of thick glass with a domed top, which would magnify the enclosed image of the house, monument and Jenny Wade.  A very popular early souvenir!



Vintage Pickett's Charge Jigsaw

Click For Back View

Souvenir metal gun, has an embedded brass Gettysburg emblem


Wood Canteen made from Little Round Top Wood , picture of Jennie Wade on one side, John Burns on the other side, complete with original twine strap.


1938 Pinback Gettysburg 75th Anniversary with Blue Ribbon


1" Binocular ivory/bone  stanhope, pictures of 10 Gettysburg scenes inside


Vintage Gettysburg Tin Cup


Jenny Wade House Stereoview


Jenny Wade Celluloid Pin, 3/4" dia.


Jenny Wade Celluloid Pinback, 5/8" dia.


1939 Eternal Light Peace Memorial Iron Bookend


Cliff Arquette, "Charlie Weaver" PC,  on the steps of his Gettysburg Museum


50th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg Commemorative Plate


Vintage Gettysburg  paperweight made with recovered bullets from the battlefield


Gettysburg Flip Day Calendar


75th Gettysburg Anniversary Pinback - High Watermark


This battlefield pick-up bullet  is a nice early example of Civil War veterans and Gettysburg residents  who gathered remnants from the battleground and offered them for sale to the thousands of post Civil War battlefield visitors. Such relics as this bullet were nicely mounted on small portions of battleground red cedar as was the practice, this piece is nicely labeled Gettysburg Pa. Once quite common these little relics of the Gettysburg battlefield and mementoes of the aging veterans who brought them home from a family trip or Veteran Reunion at the site, are becoming more scarce with collectors eagerly seeking out the remaining examples of actual Gettysburg Battlefield relics.


This is an 8" x 10" booklet in black & white titled "National Gettysburg Battlefield Tower, Gettysburg, PA". It dates from the mid to late 1970's . Condition is good. There are 28 pages to the booklet & it is full of information about the battles fought at Gettysburg during the Civil War.  The Tower was torn down in 2001.



.69 cal round ball made into a stanhope  with Jennie Wade House motif. Has a leather fob attached. Souvenir item with small photograph inside the round ball.